Author: Meghna Gogna

  • Meteor’s Autopublish Package

    If you create Meteor project from scratch(i.e using meteor create), it will automatically have the autopublish package enabled. The goal of autopublish package is to make it very easy to start coding with Meteor, and it does this by automatically mirroring all the data from the server to client, thus taking care of publications and subscriptions for you. Suppose you […]

  • Packages in Meteor

    Talking about packages in regard of Meteor is different from other languages. Meteor uses five basic types of packages. Meteor platform packages : The Meteor core itself is split into different Meteor packages. They are included in every Meteor App and you do not need to explicitly add these. Regular Meteor packages : These are also known […]

  • JavaScript – Stringify Object to formatted JSON

    There are numerous cases where we need to convert our objects to JSON using JSON.stringify and there are also several cases where we need to have the output JSON to be formatted for easy readability. For the above-mentioned purpose JSON.stringify(…) function has support to format the output if required. It takes special arguments for this purpose. JSON.stringify Signature [cc lang=”javascript”] JSON.stringify(value[, replacer[, space]]) [/cc] Here […]

  • Why Meteor’s account-ui-bootstrap-3 {{loginButtons}} not displaying

    Sometimes this happens when you include both accounts-ui and accounts-ui-bootstrap-3 packages in your App. The standard package accounts-ui classes tends to overrides the CSS classes of bootstrap-3 styled “accounts-ui”. Just remove the standard package from your App by typing the following command in terminal: [cc lang=”javascript”] meteor remove accounts-ui [/cc] And you will see you {{loginButtons}} get appear […]

  • Naming Routes using Iron Router in Meteor

    By default, Iron Router will look for a template with the same name as the route name. In fact, it will even infer the name from the path you provide. You may be wondering why we even need to name our routes in the first place. Naming routes let us use a few Iron Router […]

  • Meteor Publication and Subscription

    In 2011, when Meteor was not around, When u hit a site build on Rails, The client(i.e your browser) sends a request to your app, which lives on the server. The app finds out which data the client need, which could be of any size. Once the right data has been selected, the app then […]

  • How to use paytm in your website to add money to your wallet using javascript.

    Paytm wallets are used in almost all the websites we encounter these days. Also it is one of the best wallet used for handling digital transactions. Although Paytm has provided us with the direct API for checking balance and making payments if we have sufficient balance in our wallet. But what if we do not […]

  • Learn how to create forms with validations in angular 2

    Angular has provided us with modules with which we can not only write forms but also make them reactive. Let see how Angular 2/ Angular 4 helps us create forms. Modules to be imported Firstly we need two modules import {FormsModule, ReactiveFormsModule} from ‘@angular/forms’; and add them to the @NgModule’s import section. Adding FormBuilder and […]

  • Routing in Meteor

    While creating a website we need our pages to be accessible via permalink , a URL of the form This means we’ll need some kind of routing to look at what’s inside the browser’s URL bar and display the right content accordingly. Iron Router is a routing package that was conceived specifically for Meteor apps. Not only does […]