Author: Parvez Khan (Software Developer)

  • How to Use WordPress API?

    How to Use WordPress API?

    WordPress stands out as a leading content management system, celebrated for its dynamic capabilities in website and blog development. Renowned for its rich feature set and extensive customization options, WordPress empowers creators to fashion captivating online experiences. In recent times, WordPress has expanded its horizons into the realm of APIs, granting developers a potent tool […]

  • How to Use Post and Pre Hooks in Mongoose?

    In Mongoose, a widely-used library for working with MongoDB, there are valuable tools called “Pre and Post Hooks.” These hooks, also known as “Mongoose Middleware” or “Mongoose Model Hooks,” allow developers to run their own code just before or after specific actions on the database. With “Pre Hooks,” you can customize actions before they happen, […]

  • Authentication and Authorization in Nodejs

    In the contemporary digital landscape, where data privacy and security hold utmost importance, ensuring robust authentication and authorization mechanisms within Node.js applications is indispensable. Whether you’re engrossed in developing RESTful APIs, crafting web applications, or orchestrating microservices-driven ecosystems, adeptly implementing authentication and authorization in Node.js using JSON Web Tokens (JWT) is a fundamental expertise. In […]

  • Responsive Web Design with Bootstrap: Crafting Exceptional, Accessible Websites

    In today’s ever-evolving digital landscape, people seamlessly connect to the web via an extensive array of devices, ranging from sleek smartphones and handy tablets to trusty desktop computers. For web developers and designers, the goal isn’t merely to make websites visible across this diverse spectrum but to ensure they perform flawlessly. It’s not just a […]