React Native Starter kit

  • create react native app is the most effortless approach to begin constructing another React Native application.
    It enables you to begin a task without introducing or configuring any software on local code – no Xcode or Android Studio.
  • Expecting that you have Node introduced, you can utilize npm to install the create-react-native-app

    npm install -g create-react-native-app

  • At that point run the commands to make another react native app called “demo”:

    create-react-native-app demo

    cd demo

    npm start

    This will begin an improvement server for you, and print a QR code in your terminal.
    Running your React Native application

  • Introduce the Expo client application on your iOS or Android and associate with an same remote system from your PC. Utilizing the Expo application, examine the QR code from your terminal to open your venture.

    Adjusting your application

    Since you have effectively run the application, how about we adjust it. Open App.js in your IDE and alter a few lines. The application should to reload naturally once you spare your progressions.

  • That is it!

    Congrats! You’ve effectively run and adjusted your first react native application.






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