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  • Unleashing Business Potential With Codalien Technologies

    In the digital age, businesses of all sizes and industries rely heavily on software solutions to streamline operations, enhance customer experiences, and drive growth. Finding the right software development partner is crucial to ensure the success of your digital initiatives. Codalien Technologies is a leading software development company that has been at the forefront of […]

  • Introduction To Git- Beginner’s Guide

    Git is a Version Control System that is used to keep records of the Development code. It is important in companies when they are making a large project and the tasks are divided into various developers of the company. In order to track what work is done and by whom, we use Git. Git is […]

  • Explaining Linux File Permissions

    Here, file permissions are core to the security model in Linux systems. They determine the accessibility of files and directories on a system (who can access them and how ). This blog provides an overview of Linux file permissions, how they work, and how to change them. How To View File Permissions in Linux? The […]

  • Best SEO Practices to Level Up Your Website Ranking Game

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) helps a lot in increasing our website ranking, traffic, and visibility in search engines. As search engine algorithms are becoming more complex, it is important to stay up to date with the latest SEO practices to ensure that your website ranks high in search engine results. In this blog, we will […]

  • Embrace The Power Of Rust For Your Next Big Application

    Choosing the right programming language is essential to the success of your project. Rust stands out in the myriad of languages as a compelling option for creating your next application. Rust is a power-pack language that offers a transformative experience for developers looking to build reliable and effective software solutions thanks to its unique combination […]

  • How To Prevent Method Overriding In Java?

    Welcome, fellow Java Enthusiasts, In this blog we are going to understand the concept of method overriding and explore the strategies of how to prevent method overriding. While method overriding is a great feature in Java but there are a few situations where you might need to save the stability and integrity of the code. […]

  • Using CSS For Animation- Beginner’s Guide

    In today’s digital era, websites do not necessarily need to be static, you can also create dynamic experiences to captivate and engage your users. CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) is one of the most robust tools to create visually impressive and interactive web designs. You can use CSS for animation to bring your web design ideas […]

  • Introduction To CSS Combinators

    CSS; Cascading Style Sheets is a fundamental technology used to style and format the web pages. It gives developers with a vast no. of selectors, so they can target particular HTML elements. One of the best features of CSS selectors is its capability to combine them using combinators. In this blog we are going to […]

  • How To Make RESTful APIs in Go?

    Looking for a step-by-step guide for developing RESTful APIs in Go? In this blog, we have provided you with a brief on how to build RESTful APIs using the Go language. So, let’s start with the basics first and then move on to the complex part of creating RESTful APIs in Go. RESTful APIs- Introduction […]

  • How to Handle CSS Prefixes?

    If you want to know how to handle CSS Prefixes, reading this blog will help you understand the basics of prefixes in CSS. So, let’s start! What Is CSS Prefix?  CSS prefixes, also known as vendor prefixes, are a way to implement experimental or non-standard CSS properties and features that are not fully supported by […]

  • Top Mobile App Design Trends In 2023

    Mobile Application Development Industry has been expanding rapidly for a decade now and will continue to thrive as the mobile application has now become a necessity for modern-day enterprises. Be it a clothing brand, food delivery or a logistics company, a mobile application is a useful asset for businesses that helps them to ease off […]

  • Risks Of Improper Employee Offboarding

    Organizations usually take their new employees’ onboarding process quite seriously. But when it comes to offboarding, they lack various parameters which sometimes pose multiple threats to their data security. In this article, we have discussed a few risks that may arise due to improper off-boarding processes and provided some solutions to avoid the compliance risks […]

  • Top 5 API Documentation Tools In 2023

    What is an API Documentation Tool? An API documentation tool provides developers with comprehensive, clear, and accurate documentation about an Application Programming Interface (API). The documentation usually includes details of how to use the API features and functions. In simple words, an API documentation tool enables the developer to instantly integrate an API which results […]

  • Which is the best language to develop games?

    The gaming industry is one of the most rapidly growing industries globally. According to Statista Market Forecast, it is projected to reach $365 billion in 2023 with an annual growth of 7.17% which is quite impressive number. The heroes behind the curtain who contributed to such a massive growth of the game industry are the […]

  • Node.JS Vs Go? Which is Better?

    It is imperative to choose the right stack of technologies to build a high-quality application. Especially when it comes to choosing an apt backend development technology for your application/software product. The two most popular choices for building the backend of modern-day applications are Node.Js and Go. If you intend to build a high-performance application, you […]

  • How to Become A Digital Collaborator?

    What is Digital Collaboration? Digital Collaboration is when professionals work together by leveraging online/digital mediums such as a SaaS platform. Rather than working together using traditional collaborative methods, they can rely on digital tools to address and communicate their collaborative needs in order to fulfill them. Digital collaboration allows professionals to collaborate with other professionals […]

  • Challenges Of Working Remotely

    Working remotely has its own perks such as flexibility, less absenteeism, increased productivity, zero commute expenses, and many others, however, there are certain things that may feel offbeat when you work remotely. If you work remotely or are thinking about opting for remote jobs, then you should know about the cons of the remote working […]

  • Tech Hiring Challenges Faced by Recruiters and Possible Solutions

    Tech Hiring Challenges Faced by Recruiters & Solutions Tech Industry is currently the most dynamic employment industry however there are certain challenges faced by IT recruiters around the globe while hiring talent. Due to the substantial surge in tech jobs since 2019, tech hiring challenges have also increased considerably. If you are an IT recruiter, […]

  • How To Manage A Project Successfully?

    Managing a project is not a cakewalk, It is a complex process that requires absolute project management skills. Usually, a professional faces no. of challenges depending on the complexity and limitations of the project. As a PM, you need to understand that managing a project successfully takes a lot of spinning plates to keep it […]

  • Automating Desktop using RobotJS

    RobotJS package gives users ability to control mouse and keyboard of the desktop. In our demo, we will try to draw a circle in MS Paint by controlling mouse actions. Here we will be using version 0.47 of RobotJS. Development Environment: We will start by creating a simple node application in WebStorm. Installing RobotJS: Enter following […]

  • Voting App Using React Redux

    Voting App Using React Redux   Redux provides an easy way to centralize the state of your application.  There are three basic properties to know in Redux. Action, Store, Reducer. We will cover all these properties one by one. The Redux Cycle (Image  Credits ) The redux cycle is composed of Action, Store and […]

  • Google Custom Search with NodeJS

    Goo Google provides a custom search API by which you can use the power of google search engine in your own application. The base URL for the REST version of custom search API is: Before moving on to integration part, we need two things. API KEY Search Engine ID The API KEY can be […]

  • Bing Search API with NodeJS

    Bing provides a search API by which you can use the power of bing search in your own application. The base URL for the search API is: The code to integrate the API using Express and Node JS is: The API Subscription Key can be created at the website: If you want more […]

  • Custom RecyclerView with EmptyView support

    Hey folks, as you might know that RecyclerView does not support EmptyView but we can implement it using Custom RecylerView and in this post i am going to show you exactly that. EmptyView is  any view which is shown when there is no data in the list. It is a great way to improve user […]

  • Android LIvedata with ViewModel And Room

    Hey folks, in this post we are going to implement livedata with Spinner. LiveData is an observable data holder class. Unlike a regular observable, LiveData is lifecycle-aware, meaning it respects the lifecycle of other app components, such as activities, fragments, or services. This awareness ensures LiveData only updates app component observers that are in an active lifecycle […]

  • Card Flip Animations

    Hey Guys, it is the second decade of the second millennium and we are still kicking around the same 2D interface we got three decades ago. Sure, Apple debuted a few apps for OSX 10.7 that have a couple more 3D flourishes, and Microsoft has had that Flip 3D for a while. But c’mon, 2011 […]

  • The State of CSS Animation

    As front-end designers and developers, we use CSS to style, position and create great looking sites. We often use CSS to add movement to pages in the form of transitions or even animations, but we don’t usually go much beyond that. Animation can be a powerful tool to help our visitors and customers understand and […]

  • React Native Starter kit

    create react native app is the most effortless approach to begin constructing another React Native application. It enables you to begin a task without introducing or configuring any software on local code – no Xcode or Android Studio. Expecting that you have Node introduced, you can utilize npm to install the create-react-native-app npm install -g […]

  • Notification Channels in Android O

    There is no way a user can turn off a specific type of Notifications unless a way is explicitly provided in the app. The only way around is to turn off all the app Notifications. With Android O, Developers can create different channels for different types of notifications. Users can modify following characteristics from settings: […]

  • RecyclerView in PopupMenu

    Hey Folks, in this blog i am going to tell you about how to implement RecyclerView in PopupWindow and in case you are new to android and wondering what are these Go check out the official documentation ->> PopupWindow RecyclerView Here’s a demo what we are going to achieve after this tutorial:- Download project Lets get Started. […]

  • Android implementing Volley using Kotlin

    Hey Guys, today I am going to tell you how to implement Network hits using Volley Library in Kotlin. Before getting into this tutorial, I tell you what Volley is. Android volley is a networking library was introduced to make networking calls much easier, faster without writing tons of code. By default all the volley […]

  • RecyclerView as WheelPicker

    Case Study : Working with an E-Commerce application, I was asked to implement a custom date/time picker for delivery time slot as below. Being a lazy developer, my first approach was to look for a library that would make my work a lot easier. And after few (actually many) Google searches, I decided to use […]

  • Introducing Web applications, for example, Facebook, Twitter, or Gmail are consolidating constant abilities, which empower the application to consistently give the client as of late refreshed data. When you include the module, it provides you with two objects: a socket server object that is responsible for the server functionality and a socket client object […]

  • Use bootstrap grid mixin

    I’ve been using bootstrap for a while and now I’m moving into more advanced stuff, mainly create my custom CSS stylesheets using the mixins and I’ve been having lots of fun with it. One thing I’d like to simplify though is how to create a custom grid system. and is container is large screen max-width […]

  • Make your custom Icon Fonts with Icomoon

    HTML/UI/CSS In the cutting edge web, everyone needs their webpage should reaction speedy and quick. This blog isn’t identified with any web exhibitions, however it will talk one key factor of web execution which is utilizing CSS symbol text styles rather than pictures. These days utilizing symbol text styles is exceptionally well known and helpful. […]

  • Getting Started with Room

    Overview Android provides a set of libraries to help to design of a highly maintainable and robust code. They have provided with helper classes for better data caching and handling UI component states. Room The Room is a robust SQL object mapping library. It provides a layer of Abstraction over the Android’s SQLite Database. Allowing […]

  • Some awesome Swift Libraries

    Awesome Swift A curated list of awesome Swift frameworks, libraries and software. Inspired by awesome-swift UI Eureka – Elegant iOS Forms in pure Swift. XLActionController – Fully customizable and extensible action sheet controller written in Swift. FlourishUI – Framework for models, colour extensions and buttons. SwiftColors – HEX colour handling as an extension for UIColor. FontAwesome.swift – Use FontAwesome in your […]

  • Custom Fonts using Support Library

    One of the most exciting announcements by Google in I/O 17 was providing support for custom fonts. Not as an asset but fonts can now be used as a resource. An application can also use one of many Google Fonts dynamically. As fonts are now supported natively, the same font can be used by different […]

  • Meteor Methods vs REST API

    Many of you must have used MeteorJS Methods and have often mistook them for an analogue of REST API. Although Meteor Methods are similar to POST API request but they are quite different. The main difference between the two is that Meteor Methods are DDP (Distributed Data Protocol) messages and are based on RPC (Remote Procedure […]

  • Frisby.js

    Frisby is a REST API testing framework built on node.js and Jasmine. Install Frsiby.js Install Frisby.js with NPM locally. Execute the following command in your project folder. sudo npm install frisby Write Tests Frisby tests start with frisby.create(‘Test Title’), where Test Title is a description for this test. The tests are then followed by one […]

  • Mochajs

    Mocha is a feature-rich JavaScript test framework running on Node.js and in the browser, making asynchronous testing simple and fun. Mocha tests run serially, allowing for flexible and accurate reporting, while mapping uncaught exceptions to the correct test cases. Some of the features of mocha are as follow: simple async support, including promises. async test […]

  • Postman

    Postman is mostly used app for developing and testing API .Postman is a free app which is available for MacOS,Windows,Linux and Chrome app.It is used to you to create, save, send HTTP requests and test the response data.It helps to automate the process of making API requests and testing API responses.There are various features which […]

  • File Structure in Meteor App

    The four basic types of directories that must be defined inside any Meteor App are /client,/server, /public and /lib. These directories are special and when it comes to coding, Meteor has few rules: Code inside /server directory only runs on the server. Code inside /client directory only runs on the client. Everything else runs on […]

  • Meteor’s Autopublish Package

    If you create Meteor project from scratch(i.e using meteor create), it will automatically have the autopublish package enabled. The goal of autopublish package is to make it very easy to start coding with Meteor, and it does this by automatically mirroring all the data from the server to client, thus taking care of publications and subscriptions for you. Suppose you […]

  • Allow and Deny in Meteor for Security

    Meteor’s security system allows us to control database modification without having to define Methods every time we want to make changes. We didn’t really need to create new Methods for updating and deleting data in database. We just needed to check if the user had permission to do these actions, and this was made easy […]

  • Packages in Meteor

    Talking about packages in regard of Meteor is different from other languages. Meteor uses five basic types of packages. Meteor platform packages : The Meteor core itself is split into different Meteor packages. They are included in every Meteor App and you do not need to explicitly add these. Regular Meteor packages : These are also known […]

  • JavaScript – Stringify Object to formatted JSON

    There are numerous cases where we need to convert our objects to JSON using JSON.stringify and there are also several cases where we need to have the output JSON to be formatted for easy readability. For the above-mentioned purpose JSON.stringify(…) function has support to format the output if required. It takes special arguments for this purpose. JSON.stringify Signature [cc lang=”javascript”] JSON.stringify(value[, replacer[, space]]) [/cc] Here […]

  • Why Meteor’s account-ui-bootstrap-3 {{loginButtons}} not displaying

    Sometimes this happens when you include both accounts-ui and accounts-ui-bootstrap-3 packages in your App. The standard package accounts-ui classes tends to overrides the CSS classes of bootstrap-3 styled “accounts-ui”. Just remove the standard package from your App by typing the following command in terminal: [cc lang=”javascript”] meteor remove accounts-ui [/cc] And you will see you {{loginButtons}} get appear […]

  • Hapijs – views

    There are two ways for rendering a view by using reply.view()interface, or by using view handler. – reply.view() [cc lang=”javascript”]server.route({ method: ‘GET’, path: ‘/’, handler: function (request, reply) { reply.view(‘index’); } });[/cc]   if you want to pass context to reply.view(), pass an object as the second parameter, for example: [cc lang=”javascript”]server.route({ method: ‘GET’, path: […]

  • HandleBars

    let’s see an example. [cc lang = “html”] <div class=”xyz”> <h1>{{title}}</h1> <div class=”body”> {{#noop}}{{body}}{{/noop}} </div> </div> [/cc] – The noop helper (short for “no operation”) will receive an options hash. This options hash contains a function (options.fn) that behaves like a normal compiled Handlebars template. >Specifically, the function will take a context and return a […]

  • Create a GraphQL Schema and Resolver for Querying

    In this blog, I will discuss about GraphQL, it’s schema creation, how to use resolvers and how to use query by passing arguments. Lets first understand what is GraphQL.  GraphQL is a query language for your API and a server-side runtime for executing queries by using a type system you define for your data. GraphQL isn’t […]

  • How to install Meteor on your System

    Meteor’s install process is relatively simple and you can run it in less than five minutes. To begin with, if you’re using Mac OS or Linux you can install Meteor by running this command in Terminal Window. curl | sh If you are running Windows, download .exe file from below link. or, refer […]

  • Build Your First HTTP Server in NodeJS

    In this tutorial, we will be talking about how we can set up a simple NodeJS HTTP server with a beginner’s perspective. NodeJS is a fantastic candidate for creating web servers which are light weight and can handle a very good volume of requests. NodeJS is shipped with several core modules out of which we […]

  • Hapijs – Adding Routes in HapiJs

    In this blog, we will learn how to Adding routes in Hapi. Steps. – Define the path. – Define the method. – Define the handler. let’s see an example of it [cc lang=”javascript”] var Hapi = require(‘hapi’); var server = new Hapi.Server(); server.connection({ port: 3000 }); server.route({ method: ‘GET’, // define the method path: ‘/’, […]

  • Hapijs – Plugins

    hapi has dozens of plugin system. like , Authentication, Documentation, Localization/Internationalization, Logging/Metrics, Messaging, Security, Session, Templating, Utility, Validation…. – you can write your own plugin. – plugins are objects with a register function, and has a signature function (server, options, next). – register function has an attributes object. – this object provides some additional information […]

  • Naming Routes using Iron Router in Meteor

    By default, Iron Router will look for a template with the same name as the route name. In fact, it will even infer the name from the path you provide. You may be wondering why we even need to name our routes in the first place. Naming routes let us use a few Iron Router […]

  • Node.js tutorial – How to use Request Module

    In any application framework, one basic need is to be able to make REST calls over HTTP/HTTPS as they are widely used and a very handful in case of API interactions, web scraping, etc. We can use the NodeJS core modules or http https to perform these calls but that is a bit cumbersome process and […]

  • Meteor Publication and Subscription

    In 2011, when Meteor was not around, When u hit a site build on Rails, The client(i.e your browser) sends a request to your app, which lives on the server. The app finds out which data the client need, which could be of any size. Once the right data has been selected, the app then […]

  • Integration Testing

    Testing of combined modules of an application to determine whether they are functionally working correctly. The ‘parts’ can be code modules, individual applications, client and server applications on a network, etc. Types of Integration Testing: 1. Big Bang: In this approach, all or most of the developed modules are coupled together to form a complete […]

  • Pushing and popping view controllers.

    UINavigationContoller manages views by pushing and popping them on/off the controller’ view stack. When you push an item, the current view slides off screen to the left, and the new view slides over from the right. Today , I am going to explain how to push and pop ViewController off a UINavigatinalController Stack. And also how […]

  • Making your own Views

    Preface Working with Checkbox and ListView can be the real pain. It was on 14 November 2016, when an issue in one of my GitHub repositories made it clear. Thanks to him I have a picture to show it. The problem with the checkbox can be seen in the screenshot above. Sometimes performing clicks on […]

  • Customize UITableViewCell for UITableView.

    One of the important components of UIKit framework is UITableView. A table view displays a list of items in a single column. The main purpose of writing this blog post is to develop custom cells in UITableView. Step 1: Create Xcode Project Now, create a new Xcode Project. This project will contain a single view controller, which is our […]

  • Setup an environment for working with react.

    In order to setup an environment for working with react we can use the create react package. To install create react package. npm i create-react-app -g After installing crate-react-app package, genrate simple react app by using following command. create-react-app <dir> example:-create-react-app first-react-app This might take a couple minutes. cd first-react-app Start the app:- npm start […]

  • How to use paytm in your website to add money to your wallet using javascript.

    Paytm wallets are used in almost all the websites we encounter these days. Also it is one of the best wallet used for handling digital transactions. Although Paytm has provided us with the direct API for checking balance and making payments if we have sufficient balance in our wallet. But what if we do not […]

  • Creating First App in Meteor

    I have explained how to install Meteor on your System in my previous blog. This blog will explain how to create first App in Meteor following these simple steps. Step 1. We use Meteor’s command line tool meteor: [cc lang=”javascript”]meteor create microscope[/cc] This command will download Meteor, and set up a basic, ready to use […]

  • Learn how to create forms with validations in angular 2

    Angular has provided us with modules with which we can not only write forms but also make them reactive. Let see how Angular 2/ Angular 4 helps us create forms. Modules to be imported Firstly we need two modules import {FormsModule, ReactiveFormsModule} from ‘@angular/forms’; and add them to the @NgModule’s import section. Adding FormBuilder and […]

  • Routing in Meteor

    While creating a website we need our pages to be accessible via permalink , a URL of the form This means we’ll need some kind of routing to look at what’s inside the browser’s URL bar and display the right content accordingly. Iron Router is a routing package that was conceived specifically for Meteor apps. Not only does […]

  • How to install hapi and how to create server in hapi.

    Installing hapi. In this section we will learn how to install hapi. Creating new server. In this section we will learn how to create a server in hapi. In this blog we will learn how to install hapi and how to create server in hapi. Installing hapi. In this section we will learn how to […]

  • How to use redis with node.js

    In this tutorial you’ll learn how to work with Redis in Node.js. Redis is an open source advanced key-value cache and store. It is often referred to as a data structure server since keys can contain strings, hashes, lists, sets, sorted sets, bitmaps and hyperloglogs. In Node.js you can use several modules to interface with Redis server, but […]

  • Learn How To Use Neo4j With Node.js

    In this tutorial you discover how to work with the Neo4j graph database in Node.js. Graph databases are very useful when you want to store and query highly connected data. Neo4j is a database that can efficiently store, handle and query highly connected elements in your data model. Neo4j has a powerful and flexible data […]


    In any application framework one basic need is to be able to make REST calls over HTTP/HTTPS, they are widely used and very useful in cases of API interactions and web scraping. We can use the Node.js core modules http or https to perform these calls but that that can be a cumbersome process and the Request module makes it simple to perform […]


    Grunt, simply defined, is a task runner built over Node.js that can be used to automate certain tasks in almost any project, in any language. Grunt and Grunt plugins are installed and managed via npm. If you’re unaware, npm is a package manager that provides a central repository for custom open source modules for Node.js […]

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