How To Add External CSS File From HTML?

HTML is a famous markup language for developing web pages. It contains a lot of tags to do so. Styling is a basic fundamental aspect of the process of any application. It is often suggested that we should divide our development process, code them in separate files and integrate them to produce an output. Applying this method helps in writing a clean code that is more understandable. Also, it helps in following OOPS concepts such as code reusability, abstraction, etc. which is a good practice. 

Keeping this in mind, in web development, we have three separate languages that are integrated to produce beautiful web applications. These are HTML, which is used to develop web pages via tags, CSS, which is used for styling and improving the UI and JS where the logic resides. In this blog, we’ll talk about CSS.

How To Add CSS?

CSS is known as a Cascading styling sheet used to provide customized styling and colors to every component in the HTML file.

We can provide styling sheets in three ways:

  1. Inline CSS:  In this we provide styling when we are defining that particular tag, meaning within the same line of the tag definition. This is done within the HTML file.
  1. Internal CSS: In this, we write the styling of all the tags mentioning their ID or class collectively in one tag called <style> tag.
  1. External CSS: This is a much better approach when talking about handling big projects or even small personal projects. In this, we write all the style-related code in a separate file save it with an extension (.CSS), and link that file with the html file.

To link the file we use the link tag and give the path which has the location of the CSS file.

This line tag is defined in the <head> tag of the HTML file.

This is the CSS file.

Here is how we have to mention the CSS file in the html file.

Bottom Line

It is important to style our web pages to make them look attractive and beautiful. We can choose any of the three methods to integrate styling according to our project needs. It is recommended to separate styling from the code logic and UI as it is a good practice our code will run faster, and more efficiently and other developers will be able to understand better if you follow a clean code approach.

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