Automating Desktop using RobotJS

RobotJS package gives users ability to control mouse and keyboard of the desktop. In our demo, we will try to draw a circle in MS Paint by controlling mouse actions. Here we will be using version 0.47 of RobotJS.

Development Environment:

  1. JetBrains Webstorm
  2. NPM 5.5.1

We will start by creating a simple node application in WebStorm.

Installing RobotJS:

Enter following command in terminal:

npm install robotjs --save

WebStorm creates a lot of boilerplate for us.

Next, we will set a route in our app.js as ‘draw’ where we will be adding our actions to draw different types of shapes.

... ... var index = require('./routes/index'); var users = require('./routes/users'); var draw = require('./routes/draw'); ... ... app.use('/', index); app.use('/users', users); app.use('/draw', draw); ... ...
Code language: PHP (php)

Next, we will create ‘draw.js’ file in ‘routes’ directory of the project.

We will be using the polar form of the circle ie.:

x = R * cosθ y = R * sinθ

for drawing the points of the circle by using angles ranging from 0-360.

Robot class provides following methods for keyboard and mouse events:

  1. robot.keyTap(“tab”, “alt”) -> Performs a single keypress (first argument is a key and second argument is a modifier).
  2. robot.getScreenSize() -> Returns the size of the desktop screen.
  3. robot.setMouseDelay(0) -> Sets the delay in milliseconds to sleep after a mouse event.
  4. robot.moveMouse(x, y) -> Moves mouse to x, y human like, with the mouse button up.
  5. robot.mouseClick(“left”, false) -> Clicks the mouse (first argument is the mouse key and second argument is for double key press).

The draw.js class is as below:

var express = require('express'); var robot = require("robotjs"); var router = express.Router(); router.get('/circle', function(req, res) { robot.keyTap("tab", "alt"); var screenSize = robot.getScreenSize(); var height = screenSize.height; var width = screenSize.width; var centerX = width / 2; var centerY = height / 2; var radius = Math.min(width, height) / 5; robot.setMouseDelay(0); for (var angle = 0; angle < 360; angle += 0.25) { var x = centerX + (radius * Math.cos(toDegrees(angle))); var y = centerY + (radius * Math.sin(toDegrees(angle))); robot.moveMouse(x, y); robot.mouseClick("left", false); } res.send('Bot at work'); }); function toDegrees (angle) { return angle * (180 / Math.PI); } module.exports = router;
Code language: JavaScript (javascript)

Final Drawing:

Circle drew by Robot events





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