Which is the best language to develop games?

The gaming industry is one of the most rapidly growing industries globally. According to Statista Market Forecast, it is projected to reach $365 billion in 2023 with an annual growth of 7.17% which is quite impressive number.

The heroes behind the curtain who contributed to such a massive growth of the game industry are the game developers who built some spectacular video games that captivate vast no. of audiences (game players) around the globe. The game developers used their outstanding programming skills and creative thinking to come up with the most engaging games which led to the rapid expansion of the game industry. 

Since the expansion continues, the demand for skilled game developers with outstanding programming skills who can build amazing games remains at its peak. If you are someone who has a sound knowledge of programming and also has a knack for fun, then a career in game development can be a rewarding choice for you.

But before starting your career journey as a game developer, you must know what the best technologies you can add to your resume are to get a power-boost growth as a game development professional. So, In this article, we have mentioned some of the best languages to develop games along with their features.

Top 5 Game Development Languages 

  • C++

C++ is one of the most popular languages across the world and it is also considered one of the best programming languages for game development. It offers a low level of control to the hardware and is therefore suitable for building complex games that need a lot of processing power. If you want to build a real-time game application with high performance. then you should leverage C++ as it is fast and efficient and a good fit for building real-time performance.

Many popular game engines such as Unreal Engine and Unity use C++ as their primary language. If you are passionate about game development, then get started with C++, no doubt that it has a steep learning curve but learning this programming language is worth investing your time especially if you want to become a game developer.

Advantages of using C++ for game development

  • High Performance (suitable for games that needs a lot of processing power)
  • Memory Management (low-level memory management of C++ offers more control over memory usage and allocation)
  • Cross-Platform Support (games developed with C++ can run on macOS, Windows, Linux, and gaming consoles)
  • Compatibility with game engines such as Unreal Engine and CryEngine
  • Large Community & Resources
  • Object Oriented Programming (makes it easy to manage and organize complex code and is suitable for large-scale games that require a lot of code)
  • Multi-threading Support (allows to build of games that can handle multiple tasks at a time)
  • C#

It is a high-level programming language used by the popular game engine Unity. C# has a garbage collector that manages memory automatically, which makes it less prone to memory leaks and makes it a good fit for high-performance game applications.

C# is popular for its ease of use, learning, and simplicity making it an excellent choice for game developers who are just getting started in their careers. If you are familiar with languages such as Java and C++, then learning C# would be easier for you.

Advantages of using C# for game development

  • Good Performance (delivers fast and efficient code which allows high-performance and responsive game plays)
  • Object-oriented programming (allows to build of large-scale games that require a lot of code)
  • Good Memory management (prevents crashes in games due to memory-related errors)
  • Large Community and availability of resources
  • Cross Platform support (games developed with C# can run on Windows, macOS, Linux, and mobile devices)
  • Integration With Unity 
  • Multi-threading support (Allows to build games that can handle multiple tasks at a time)
  • Java

Java is also a high-level programming language often a go-to for Game Development.  It is considered a good fit for game development because of its versatility as you can develop games for various platforms including iOS, Android, and desktop using Java. Since Java has outstanding cross-platform compatibility which means you can use the same code for developing games for different platforms, Popular game engines like LibGDX and jMonkeyEngine have also leveraged Java for their core development.

Advantages of using Java for game development

  • Platform Independence (games developed in Java can be run on various platforms such as Android, Windows, Linux, and Android)
  • Object-oriented programming makes organizing and management of complex code easier.
  • Large Developers Community 
  • Automatic Memory Management
  • High Performance
  • Multi-threading Support allows for building games that can handle multiple tasks at a time. 
  • Strong Security model
  • JavaScript

JavaScript is a scripting language that is used world-wide mostly for web development. However, it is also used to develop games especially to build browser-based games. Popular game engines such as Phaser and Three.js are built using JavaScript. You can develop games for various platforms such as mobiles and desktops. You can create interactive games that can respond to user input such as touch events and mouse clicks using JavaScript. It is also easy to learn JavaScript.If you are a rookie programmer who has a sound knowledge of HTML and CSS, then learning JavaScript for game development would be easier for you.

Advantages of using JavaScript for game development 

  • Offers Accessibility to a wide range of devices 
  • Great fit for interactive games 
  • High performance 
  • Large ecosystem with an active community of developers
  • Easy Integration with HTML & CSS
  • Real-time interaction and quick response times
  • Large Community & Resources
  • Multiplayer Capabilities 
  • Easy to learn
  • Lua

Lua is a scripting language that is lightweight and therefore it is used for game development.  Game engines like Love2D and Corona SDK used Lua as their primary programming language. It is known for its simplicity, ease of use, and high performance, Lua is most often used for developing mobile games as it is suitable for building small-size yet efficient games that can run smoothly on mobile devices.

Advantages of using Lua for game development

  • Fast Execution Speed
  • Low Memory Usage
  • Can be used to create game logic and manage game assets
  • Easy to learn
  • Embeddable into other programming languages
  • Cross Platform Support for macOS, iOS, Linux, and Android


Each language has its own sets of unique features and drawbacks and it is entirely up to you and the game you are trying to develop. While there are many programming languages available. the most common and popular one for building smooth, high-performance, and real-time game applications are C++. C#. JavaScript, Python, and Java. All these languages offer a wide range of features and functionalities that simplify game development and enable game developers to create engaging, immersive, and interactive gaming experiences.




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