Transforming Hospitality Industry Through Automation & Intelligent Solutions

Hudini is a white-labeled hospitality platform powered by a proprietary middleware platform that leverages data and AI to increase guest engagement and service efficiency through automation.Hudini has deployed a contactless check-in and mobile key experience for hotel brands around the globe. To elevate their operations furthermore, they wanted to build mobile applications for renowned hotel brands (Atlantis,CR7, Viceroy, Sun, and many others) and their guests to automate various operations and guest experiences.

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As we embarked on this project, our mission was clear: to revolutionize the hospitality industry through automation and intelligent solutions. But every project comes with its own set of challenges. Here's a glimpse of the hurdles we overcame to bring seamless automation and customization to the guest experience:

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1. Customization Complexity

One of the major challenges while working on this project was the complexity of building custom features for tailored guest experiences such as room automation, meal selection, interior customization, and entertainment preferences. Developing systems that could seamlessly handle such a level of extensive customization posed a significant challenge.

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2. Integration with IoT

Another technical hurdle we faced was the integration of mobile applications with the hardware systems of various hotel partners through IoT technology. We required meticulous planning and efficient implementation to ensure that all the hotels; IoT setups could communicate and connect effectively with the mobile applications and deliver the desired automation for both hotels and their guests.

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3. Diverse Hotel Partners

Our Client Hudini has partnerships with a vast range of hotel brands (such as Atlantis, Taj, Leela, and many others), each had its unique systems and processes. Building mobile apps that could cater to the specific requirements of the hotel brands was also challenging as it demanded a significant level of scalability and flexibility.

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4. High Performance & Reliability

We understood that the mobile applications and systems we were building required to be reliable and flawless in order to deliver a seamless guest experience and make operations easier for hotel brands. To ensure high performance, and reliability and handle potential issues that could happen in various hotel environments, rigorous testing and optimizations were required.

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5. Guest Privacy and Security

Understanding the importance of guest's data privacy and security, it was essential to follow robust security measures. Protecting guest information from potential breaches or misuse requires robust security measures.

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6. Scalability Requirements

As Hudini keeps expanding its partnerships with hotel chains, the systems we built for Hudini demand scalability so it can seamlessly accommodate the expanding user base. Ensuring that the platforms could handle the increasing demands of the business without compromising performance was an ongoing challenge.


Our journey to transform the hospitality industry was marked by the development of cutting-edge solutions tailored to meet diverse needs. Here's a brief about how we helped our client with the intelligent solutions:

1. Custom Mobile Applications

We built a suite of mobile applications for both Android & iOS platforms along with Progressive Web Applications (PWAs). We custom-built these applications individually for prominent hotel brands. These applications enabled both the hotel staff to automate various processes and also helped guests to personalize their experiences.

2. IoT Integration

We integrated the hardware systems of Hudini's hotel partners with their respective mobile applications. The IoT integration led to the automation of essential hotel operations including check-in, room customization (including temperature setting, room-type selection, and entertainment preference selection), and communication with hotel staff. This integration enhanced the operational efficiency and guest convenience.

3. Customer Management System (CMS)

We built a CMS named "Elevate" which served as a central platform for hotel partners to add and manage their data. This data was seamlessly fetched and integrated into their respective mobile applications, ensuring that each hotel's distinctive offerings, services, and process status could be accurately reflected in the mobile application further enabling efficient operations in the hotel and delivering seamless guest experiences.

4. Viceroy Application

In addition to multiple mobile applications for various hotel partners, PWAs, and CMS, we also built a Viceroy application for the prominent hotel brand Viceroy. It was an end-user application specifically designed for the hotel's guests allowing them to virtually check in and add their preferences prior to reaching the hotel, thereby saving time and effort during their arrival. This application exemplified our commitment to delivering tailored solutions for each hotel partner.