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Revolutionizing Custom POS Signage Management For SignTrak (OnTrack Software)

SignTrak® (now OnTrak Software), the industry leader in POS signage management for beverage alcohol distributors, offers an extensive software solution designed to boost efficiency, accuracy, and profitability throughout the entire custom POS signage process. With a proven track record of delivering results, SignTrak® has become the go-to choice for distributors seeking to transform their marketing programs and optimize their ROI.

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SignTrak® faced challenges in managing complex custom POS signage processes with multiple stakeholders and reducing errors in a fast-paced industry, while also improving data-driven decision-making capabilities. Below, we delve into the set of challenges we addressed while working on this project:

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1. Custom POS Signage Complexity

There is a huge complexity in the custom POS signage process for alcohol distributors, it involves various stakeholders, designs, and variations. Coordinating orders, production, and placement along with the management of the customizations was a significant challenge.

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2. Error-Prone Process

Manual processes usually result in frequent errors in order management, production, placement, and delivery which are costly for the clients and used to take time to rectify. This could adversely impact efficiency and customer satisfaction. Automating the processes and validating the data in real-time to reduce errors without disrupting the existing processes.

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3. Time-to-Market Pressure

In the rapidly changing alcohol distribution industry, it is necessary to achieve a faster time-to-market for custom POS signage to stay competitive. Reducing time-to-market while ensuring that the software solution meets high-quality standards and complies with the client's requirements was one of the major challenges posed by the project.

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4. POS Cost Tracking

It was crucial to track the POS costs effectively and prove the cents per case allowance to fulfill client requirements and compliance. Designing THE efficient cost-tracking features and their compliance was one of the major challenges we encountered during the project.

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5. Data-Driven Decision Making

The client was facing challenges in the collection, processing, and making data-driven decisions. This data included information on the performance of various signage campaigns, the efficiency of the sales team, the performance of various suppliers, the demand of different brands, and their impact on the signage placements in various regions. This sheer volume and complexity of the data made it challenging for SignTrak to derive meaningful insights for data-driven decision-making. These complexities posed a challenge for us as we needed to provide them with robust data analysis and reporting tools that simplify data interpretation and enable them to make data-driven business decisions.


We implemented a centralized platform and automation to simplify customization processes, reducing errors and accelerating time-to-market. We also ensured precise cost management and provided robust data integration and analytics tools for data-driven strategies to enhance profitability. Below, we have briefly described how we have solved their problems with our technical expertise:

1. Automated Centralized Platform To Streamline Customization Management

Our team developed a centralized platform for SignTrak to streamline the customization process and automated the order management and production coordination in order to eliminate the complexities and reduce the errors that usually occur in manual processes.

2. Automated Error Reduction

SignTrak encountered errors like inaccuracies in order processing, incorrect data on signage materials, and mistakes in placement during the various stages of their POS signage processes. To address these challenges, we devised a solution that addressed all these challenges. For instance, we automated a system that enabled the validation of order details, ensuring that they met specified criteria before moving forward. This reduced the reliance on manual data entry and minimized the risk of human errors.

3. Accelerated Time-to-Market With Automation & Insights

As mentioned earlier, SignTrak was facing issues concerning the speed of bringing custom POS signage to the market. Through automation and real-time insights, we minimized the time required to bring custom POS signage to market and ensured SignTrak remained agile and competitive in the market.

4. Precise Cost Management & Compliance

The solutions we delivered enabled SignTrak to properly track POS costs and adhere to cents per case allowances, ensuring precise and effective cost management. This ensured that expenses were well-controlled and in line with industry regulations, optimizing profitability.

5. Data-Driven Strategies for Enhanced Profitability

To address the challenges related to the data management of the POS signage processes (including campaign performance, sales team effectiveness, supplier contribution, brand impact and location-wise success) and utilization of the data, we integrated data sources from across SignTrak's operations to form a comprehensive data foundation. Robust analytics tools were also developed by our team to convert the raw data into actionable insights.