Empowering Flawless Software Testing & Quality Assurance With Xray

Comprehensive Test Management
Xray's robust test management features enable our developers and testers to plan, organize and track tests efficiently, We can develop and organize test plans, test cases, and test executions seamlessly and ensure maximum test coverage and trackability.
Seamless Integration
We can easily integrate with popular development and collaboration tools such as Confluence and Jira by using Xray. This ensures a streamlined testing process allowing testers to collaborate with development teams, track bottlenecks, and align testing practices with overall software development workflow.
Advanced Test Execution
Xray offers a user-friendly interface to execute tests, enabling our skilled testers to perform extensive and accurate test executions. We can seamlessly initiate manual testing, automated testing, and exploratory testing ensuring comprehensive coverage and accurate results.
Test Automation
Xray's test automation capabilities accelerate the software testing process and help to achieve consistent and reliable results. We automate the repetitive test cases using Xray to complete all the testing tasks on time while ensuring accuracy and repeatability in our test executions.
Traceability and Reporting
With Xray, we maintain end-to-end traceability during the entire testing process. By doing this, we can link requirements, test cases, and defects to have clear visibility and accountability of the same. Moreover, Xray provides insightful reports and metrics that allow us to track progress, analyze test results, and make decisions based on the data we receive.
Agile Testing Support
Xray supports agile methodologies, enabling us to implement agile testing practices effectively. It also supports agile artifacts including user stories, epics, and sprints, allowing us to integrate testing into the agile development lifecycle efficiently.
Test Coverage Analysis
Xray offers comprehensive test coverage analysis, enabling our testers to assess and evaluate the effectiveness and completeness of our test suites. We recognize the areas of low coverage to streamline our testing efforts and ensure effective testing for critical functionalities.

Why We Have XRay In Our Tech-Stack?

At Codalien Technologies, we are committed to delivering you the best software testing and quality assurance services and making your project super-successful. With our expertise and Xray's capabilities, we offer you comprehensive testing solutions with guaranteed quality and high performance for your software/applications.

Our dedicated team of testing and QA professionals leverage Xray's advanced capabilities to offer end-to-end test management. We plan testing strategies and then execute them to track defects and reporting. We ensure that every aspect of your software testing process is managed efficiently and effectively. To assure the quality of your software, we give thorough test coverage and traceability top priority. With Xray, we can build traceability matrices that interconnect requirements, test plans, and flaws, giving us a clear picture of how testing is going and guaranteeing that all requirements are thoroughly tested. This makes it possible to manage risks effectively and to track and resolve problems as they arise.

We understand the significance of compliance and regulatory testing for some industries. By leveraging Xray, we can customize and execute specific tests to make sure that your software meets all industry standards and regulations. We thoroughly test your software following essential industry standards and regulations. We can create and carry out a wide variety of compliance tests using Xray, including tests for functional compliance, security compliance, data privacy compliance, accessibility compliance, and more. We aim to guarantee that your program provides a safe and flawless user experience in addition to complying with the applicable regulations.

At Codalien Technologies, we leverage Xray and other cutting-edge software testing tools to deliver unparalleled software testing and quality assurance services. Our experienced development and testing team combines the advanced capabilities of Xray, ensuring uninterrupted functionality, exceptional performance, and optimal quality of your applications.

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